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City Temperature  
Alturas 32°F / 0°C High Wind Advisory
Anaheim 63°F / 17°C
Arcata 58°F / 14°C
Bakersfield 41°F / 5°C Dense Fog Advisory
Bishop 25°F / -4°C
Blythe 46°F / 8°C
Burbank 55°F / 13°C
Calpella 50°F / 10°C
Carson 54°F / 12°C
Crescent City 53°F / 12°C High Wind Advisory
Daggett 35°F / 2°C
Emigrant Gap 39°F / 4°C Winter Weather Statement
Encino 50°F / 10°C
Fresno 44°F / 7°C Dense Fog Advisory
Fullerton 63°F / 17°C
Hayward 46°F / 8°C
Huntington Beach 50°F / 10°C
Imperial 44°F / 7°C
Inyokern 33°F / 1°C
Lancaster 30°F / -1°C
Livermore 41°F / 5°C
Los Angeles 57°F / 14°C
Mammoth Lakes 16°F / -9°C High Wind Advisory
Marysville 43°F / 6°C
Merced 37°F / 3°C Dense Fog Advisory
Mojave 36°F / 2°C
Monterey 43°F / 6°C
Mount Shasta 38°F / 3°C Winter Weather Statement
Mount Wilson 55°F / 13°C
Napa 43°F / 6°C
Needles 53°F / 12°C
Oakland 44°F / 7°C
Ontario 50°F / 10°C
Palm Springs 52°F / 11°C
Palmdale 34°F / 1°C
Palo Alto 44°F / 7°C
Paso Robles 38°F / 3°C
Redding 48°F / 9°C
Riverside 49°F / 9°C
Sacramento 40°F / 4°C
Salinas 45°F / 7°C
San Diego 53°F / 12°C
San Jose 47°F / 8°C
San Luis Obispo 44°F / 7°C
Santa Ana 50°F / 10°C
Santa Barbara 42°F / 6°C
Santa Clarita 50°F / 10°C
Santa Maria 43°F / 6°C
Santa Monica 57°F / 14°C
Santa Rosa 39°F / 4°C
South Lake Tahoe 28°F / -2°C Winter Weather Statement High Wind Advisory
Stockton 45°F / 7°C
Thermal 47°F / 8°C
Truckee 39°F / 4°C Winter Weather Statement High Wind Advisory
Visalia 42°F / 6°C Dense Fog Advisory
Yosemite Natl Park 36°F / 2°C


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