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City Temperature  
Apalachicola 80°F / 27°C
Bartow 82°F / 28°C
Cocoa 84°F / 29°C
Crestview 75°F / 24°C
Cross City 84°F / 29°C
Daytona Beach 81°F / 27°C
Destin 76°F / 24°C
Fort Lauderdale 85°F / 29°C Flood Watch / Flood Statement
Fort Myers 82°F / 28°C
Fort Pierce 85°F / 29°C
Gainesville 82°F / 28°C
Jacksonville 84°F / 29°C
Key West 87°F / 31°C
Lakeland 84°F / 29°C
Leesburg 75°F / 24°C
Marathon 89°F / 32°C
Marianna 79°F / 26°C
Melbourne 85°F / 29°C Special Weather Statement
Miami 82°F / 28°C Flood Watch / Flood Statement
Naples 87°F / 31°C
Ocala 83°F / 28°C
Opa-locka 88°F / 31°C
Orlando 86°F / 30°C
Panama City 80°F / 27°C
Pensacola 80°F / 27°C
Plant City 86°F / 30°C
Pompano Beach 87°F / 31°C Flood Watch / Flood Statement
Punta Gorda 87°F / 31°C
Saint Augustine 82°F / 28°C
Saint Petersburg 83°F / 28°C
Sanford 79°F / 26°C
Sarasota 86°F / 30°C
Tallahassee 81°F / 27°C
Tampa 86°F / 30°C
Titusville 84°F / 29°C
Valparaiso 77°F / 25°C
Vero Beach 85°F / 29°C Special Weather Statement
West Palm Beach 85°F / 29°C Flood Watch / Flood Statement
Winter Haven 83°F / 28°C


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