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Flood Warning

Expires 8:00 AM EDT on April 29, 2018
Statement as of 10:30 am CDT on April 24, 2018

... Flood Warning extended until Sunday morning... the Flood Warning
continues for
the Black River at Pocahontas.
* From late tonight to Sunday morning... or until the warning is
* At 10:00 am Tuesday the stage was 16.6 feet.
* Minor flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 17.0 feet.
* Forecast... the river will rise to 17.1 feet by Wednesday morning.
* Impacts at 17.0 feet... agricultural lands along the river east and
south of Pocahontas will be impacted by high water. Equipment and
livestock should be moved to higher ground.

             Fld observed forecast 6 am crest
location stg stg day time Wed Thu Fri crest time date

Black River
Pocahontas 17 16.6 Tue 10 am 17.1 17.5 17.3 17.5 07 am 04/26

Lat... Lon 3612 9115 3625 9106 3630 9095 3620 9089
3617 9098 3610 9101

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