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Expires 2:00 AM EDT on May 10, 2018
Statement as of 10:59 am CDT on April 24, 2018

The Flood Warning continues for
the Mississippi River at Natchez, Mississippi.
* Until Thursday may 10.
* At 10:00 am Tuesday the stage was 50.8 feet.
* Minor flooding is occurring and moderate flooding is forecast.
* Forecast... expect little change through Wednesday morning. Expect
a crest near 51.1 feet during may 4.
* Flood stage is 48 feet.
* Impact... at 51.0 feet... water is covering the roads in old downtown
area of Fort Adams.
* Impact... at 48.0 feet... Carthage Point Road becomes impassable.
* Impact... at 47.0 feet... water begins to enter the former Belwood
Golf course and Carthage Point Road area south of Natchez.
* Impact... at 45.0 feet... water under some buildings around Fort
Adams, Mississippi.
* Impact... at 44.0 feet... some camps and most access roads are flooded
along Lake Mary.
* Impact... at 43.0 feet... water covers Thornburg Lake Road in the area
known as anna's bottom which is north of Natchez. Also, Lake Mary
Road is under water.
* Impact... at 38.0 feet... lowlands along the river in areas not
protected by levees begin to flood. On both side of the river,
there are areas that contain oil and gas wells; however, these are
not affected until higher stages.

              Flood observed forecast 6 am crest
location stg stg day time Wed Thu Fri crest time date

Lower Mississippi River
Natchez 48 50.8 Tue 10 am 50.9 50.9 50.5

Lat... Lon 3101 9170 3130 9167 3193 9129 3187 9114
      3130 9147 3100 9154


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