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City Temperature  
Adam 69°F / 21°C
Al Rustaq 66°F / 19°C
Bahla 70°F / 21°C
Barka 66°F / 19°C
Buraimi 64°F / 18°C
Fahud 67°F / 20°C
Haima 67°F / 19°C
Hisn Diba 55°F / 13°C
Ibra 69°F / 20°C
Ibri 66°F / 19°C
Khassab 71°F / 22°C
Marboosh 68°F / 20°C
Marmul 65°F / 18°C
Masirah 70°F / 21°C
Matrah 66°F / 19°C
Nizwa 65°F / 18°C
Qairoon Hairiti 68°F / 20°C
Qalhat 71°F / 22°C
Qarn Alam 69°F / 20°C
Saiq 47°F / 8°C
Salalah 68°F / 20°C
Samail 66°F / 19°C
Sohar Majis 66°F / 19°C
Sunaynah 63°F / 17°C
Sur 71°F / 21°C
Thumrait 68°F / 20°C


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