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City Temperature  
Aranyaprathet 78°F / 26°C
Ban A To 57°F / 14°C
Ban Baen Chado 77°F / 25°C
Ban Bang Bamru 77°F / 25°C
Ban Bang Duan 77°F / 25°C
Ban Bua Chum 68°F / 20°C
Ban Fai Na 77°F / 25°C
Ban Hua Tho 77°F / 25°C
Ban Ko Thung 67°F / 19°C
Ban Krathing Lai 73°F / 23°C
Ban Na Si Nuan 68°F / 20°C
Ban Nong Pladuk Noi  
Ban Samphan 68°F / 20°C
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) 77°F / 25°C
Chaiyaphum 71°F / 22°C
Chanthaburi 76°F / 24°C
Chawang 75°F / 24°C
Chiang Mai 61°F / 16°C
Chiang Rai International 57°F / 14°C
Chok Chai 69°F / 21°C
Chumphon 73°F / 23°C
Hua Hin 78°F / 25°C
Kam Paeng Phet 71°F / 22°C
Kamalasai 68°F / 20°C
Kanchanaburi 74°F / 23°C
Khanom 77°F / 25°C
Khlong Yai 77°F / 25°C
Ko Lanta 78°F / 26°C
Ko Samui 77°F / 25°C
Ko Sichang 77°F / 25°C
Krabi 75°F / 24°C
Lampang 61°F / 16°C
Lamphun 61°F / 16°C
Loei 65°F / 18°C
Lop Buri 77°F / 25°C
Mae Hong Son 60°F / 16°C
Mae Sariang 60°F / 15°C
Mae Sot 67°F / 19°C
Mukdahan 70°F / 21°C
Nakhon Phanom 70°F / 21°C
Nakhon Ratchasima 71°F / 22°C
Nakhon Sawan 72°F / 22°C
Nan 59°F / 15°C
Nang Rong 68°F / 20°C
Narathiwat 73°F / 23°C
Nong Khai 70°F / 21°C
Pattani 75°F / 24°C
Pattaya 73°F / 23°C
Phayao 57°F / 14°C
Phetchabun 71°F / 21°C
Phetchaburi 75°F / 24°C
Phrae 62°F / 17°C
Phuket 77°F / 25°C
Prachin Buri 76°F / 24°C
Prachuap Khirikhan 74°F / 23°C
Ranong 74°F / 23°C
Rayong 73°F / 23°C
Roi Et 71°F / 22°C
Samui 77°F / 25°C
Sattahip 73°F / 23°C
Satun 76°F / 25°C
Songkhla 77°F / 25°C
Sukhothai 70°F / 21°C
Suphan Buri 77°F / 25°C
Surat Thani 75°F / 24°C
Surin 68°F / 20°C
Tak 69°F / 21°C
Takua Pa 77°F / 25°C
Tha Tum 68°F / 20°C
Tha Wang Pha 57°F / 14°C
Thoen 62°F / 17°C
Thong Pha Phum 70°F / 21°C
Thung Chang 59°F / 15°C
Trang 76°F / 25°C
Ubon Ratchathani 68°F / 20°C
Udon Thani 66°F / 19°C
Umphang 63°F / 17°C
Uttaradit 66°F / 19°C
Wichian Buri 72°F / 22°C


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